About KFF


HORROR, Killer Clowns, Monsters in your closet, Flesh Eating Fog, Zombies (possibly singing ones too), Alien Babies, Fetish Dolls, Disco Exorcisms, Cursed Beer, Ghosts, Toxic Monsters, Cult Rituals, Demons… the list goes on!!!

Killer Film Fest is an international film festival in Newport, RI bringing the best of indie horror to the screen and web giving independent filmmakers the opportunity to express themselves as artists before a massive audience. Killer Film Fest strives to stand out from the thousands of film festivals throughout the world and as a festival created by filmmakers for filmmakers, we know what filmmakers want in a festival and as horror fans we know what our audience needs.

Killer Film Fest is run by co-founders Michael Vallier II and Richard Tobin Jr. of AnyTek Productions and technical director Tim Donovan. Our artwork is designed by the talented artist Marc Macrina.

Killer Film Fest started in 2009 somewhat accidentally. Michael Vallier and Richard Tobin Jr. produced and directed the film “Kill Everyone” in the summer of 2009 in Rhode Island. Come time to premiere the film locally, they decided to screen it at the Orpheum Theater in Foxboro, MA. Michael and Rick set out to invite other local short horror films to screen before “Kill Everyone” and a local metal band to open the evening. After a blast over the internet, they ended up getting an overwhelming response including feature films which were never requested. After talking to the theater director, they were able to book the entire weekend and decided to name the event Killer Film Fest. The event was a big success, and many of the filmmakers and guests all wanted them to continue on with this new festival idea.

Come 2010 to present, Killer Film Fest went all out and became a competitive international horror film festival receiving hundreds of film submissions each year from all over the world. French actress Morgane Housset traveled all the way from Paris as she was nominated and ultimately won Best Actress in 2010.

In 2011 the festival moved to the Somerville Theater in Somerville, MA (just outside Boston). This is also the year where Killer Film Fest launched KFF Online, an online portion of the festival.

After a one year hiatus in 2014, Killer Film Fest comes back better than ever partnering with FEAR at Fort Adams in Newport, RI to create a huge Halloween Horror Event to get the best in independent horror from around the world in front of a much larger audience.