KFF Online

KFF Online is a FREE online screening of select Killer Film Fest 2013 official films between October 25th and November 2nd 3013. Over the 9 day online festival, each of the 9 film blocks will be released each day for only a 24 hour period. Each film block consists of 1 feature film and 2-4 short films and viewers can vote with facebook likes and twitter tweets to pick the KFF Online 2013 Audience Award winner!

KFF Online VIP access is instant access to ALL 9 film blocks with no restrictions or limitations starting October 25th thru November 2nd for only a $5 donation to Killer Film Fest! You can sign up now for either FREE or VIP access by clicking on the button below.

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KFF Online 2013 Schedule

Block 1 – October 25th 2013
Feature Film Don’t Go to the Reunion
Short Film Doll Boy
Short Film My Fallen Rose
Short Film Dark Room
Block 2 – October 26th 2013
Feature Film Pieces of Talent
Short Film Teratrom
Short Film All You Can Eat
Block 3 – October 27th 2013
Feature Film I Heart Monster Movies
Short Film Teddy
Short Film Fondue
Block 4 – October 28th 2013
Feature Film The Devil’s Nightmare
Short Film Flowers for the DEAD
Short Film Roses are Dead
Block 5 – October 29th 2013
Feature Film The Grave Bandits
Short Film sick
Block 6 – October 30th 2013
Feature Film Stalker
Short Film The Wretched: Prologue
Short Film A la folie
Block 7 – October 31st 2013
Feature Film Adjust Your Tracking
Short Film Once Upon a Time in the Countryside
Short Film Zombie Run
Short Film Next Exit
Block 8 – November 1st 2013
Feature Film Slasher House
Short Film Ax
Short Film Apartment 15
Block 9 – November 2nd
Feature Film Waterfront Nightmare
Short Film Recording
Short Film The Breeder