Please read the information below before submitting your film

Film Submission Form

Fees and Deadlines

Short films: Under 60 minutes
Feature films: 60+ minutes, 120 minutes max

Normal Deadline – August 16th 2015
Short Films: $15.00
Feature Films: $20.00

Late Deadline – September 13th 2015
Short Films: $25.00
Feature Films: $30.00

Submission Materials

As of 2015, all new submissions will be sent to Killer Film Fest via file transfer and we will no longer accept DVD or Blu-rays by post.

Submission Requirements

  1. Films must fall in the horror/thriller genre and must have some sort of killer, monster or other killing entity and at least one victim.
  2. Films must have been completed within the year 2012 and present.
  3. All SD files MUST be formatted in NTSC.
  4. Any film which is not in English must have English subtitles.
  5. Do not send your master copy!
  6. The person submitting the film must be the legal representative of the film and own all rights to the material.
  7. A complete online submission form including payment must be filled out.

Selection Process

Each year Killer Film Fest selects the best from indie horror. Our 2015 theater schedule will include about 6-8 feature films and 24-36 short films. We get many more submissions than we can accept, so we screen each film equally and fairly to help us choose which films to include in our schedule.

Each film will be viewed by our festival team and scored on a point system in different categories. Once submissions close and all films have been viewed, the scores will help the team choose which films will be included into the “Official Selection”. Most films will screen at the theater while some will only be available on the Online Fest and others in both.

Once the official selection has been made, these films will then be viewed by the festival’s 3rd party official judging panel. These judges will also view each film and score them but with much more detail. Once every film has been viewed, each judge will nominate 3 films for each award; these nominations will be calculated and official nominations for each of the awards will be made. Lastly, each judge will then vote for the winner of each award.


Once the “Official Selections” have been made, every filmmaker will be notified via e-mail and the official selections will also be posted on the Killer Film Fest web site in late September. Non-accepted filmmakers will have the right to request details on their film’s score in comparison with the selected films and brief notes from the selection team about their decision. These details are only sent by request.


If you have any questions about submitting your film, please contact: